XFINITY STINKS - Oh I don't have a problem with their service, it's OK. My problem is with their customer service. Have you ever tried to call them with some kind of problem? It is like some kind of nightmare. I get my bill every month and I pay it on time. Recently, I received a letter from Xfinity that said my account has been changed to paperless billing. I don't like that and I don't want that.

Here is where the nightmare begins. The letter did not have any phone number to call to tell them that I did not want to do paperless billing. I went to Google a telephone number to call. Part '2' of the nightmare is when I finally called them I basically had to jump through hoops of fire to get anywhere, No, I wasn't calling about my bill. No, I wasn't calling about a problem with the equipment. No, I just wanted to
talk to a HUMAN. Now I am going to go to their local storefront to try to get some help. The last time I went there was another nightmare. The workers at the Seaside, California are the rudest people I've
ever met. I'll let you know what happens.

For more information feel free to give me a call.
Jim Vossen (831) 236-5994