All About Antifa Jerks

Just like so many people who are in support
of demonstrating and protesting the murder
of a black man named George Floyd by a
Minneappolis police officer, while a few
other officers stood by and watched, I have
put together this website to help clear up
some of the thoughts regarding some actions.

Here's the situation. You've probably heard the name 'Antifa', but, like me and so many other people of the our United States, were not too sure of what they are all about. I don't know everything about them, but, I know enough to know that they are bad people, and jerks too.

Their recent actions has caused me to create this website to help educate the better people.

​We all know of the recent murder of a black man in Minneapolis named George Floyd. A normal protest and demonstration against the actions of the police officers involved is fully understandable and acceptable as long as it stays peaceful. What is not acceptable is a group like that of 'Antifa' to be allowed to participate by encouraging violence.