Perfect Package #1
Not too long ago I a had Doctors appointment with a female Orthopedic Surgeon in Monterey California. I had not met this Doctor before and I was a little apprehensive about a female Doctor, much less a female Surgeon. Let me tell you
how lucky I was to meet Dr. Samera Kasim of Monterey Spine & Joint in Monterey.
I was very impressed with her professional
expertise and knowledge about my situation.

The best part, she is extremely beautiful
and very easy to talk to.

Perfect Package #2

Why Perfect Package?
The term 'Perfect Package' comes to me in different ways. If I came across a 1965 Pontiac
GTO Convertible with power windows, 3 2-Barrel
Carburetors, 4-Speed and in good shape with low mileage, I would call that the 'Perfect Package'.
Another 'Perfect Package' could be a Beautiful Woman who happens to be very smart too.